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Zach at San Diego Comic Con

Posted by zacharyquintouk on July 23, 2011 at 3:30 AM

This year Zach's SDCC appearances were handled a little differently when he agreed to appear in Zach Levi's Nerd HQ "Conversations for Causes". The idea behind this was to charge the audience to view a panel with the proceeds going to Operation Smile. Tickets went on sale two weeks ago and the room was virtually full when Zach took the stage along with Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover ('Mr Murder Is Dead' writer and artist), Michael McMillian ('Lucid' writer), Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa ('Before the Door Productions'). The panel was moderated by Acrhaia's Stephen Christie.

Something that struck me when Zach started to talk about why BTD chose Victor and Michael to write for them was how profound the relationship is between BTD and the people they are collaborating with. Zach told us how he was inspired by his friends and their voices and that their working together was based on a fifteen year friendship and the influence that they had had on each other which was something I had never fully appreciated about the working relationship.

Victor and Brent talked about the collaboration on Mr Murder Is Dead and, much to Zach's surprise,unveiled two panels featuring Zach - one where he is in just a towel in a steam room and another where he is puzzling over how to program his DVR!

When question time came I told Zach that when I had seen Angels In America I felt very emotional afterwards and physically exhausted and I admitted that I cried at parts and also that during a fight scene I wanted to get up on stage and yell "Leave him alone!". Smooth.

Zach replied that he found it emotionally draining to do the show day in and day out for so long but that ultimately it was the most fullfilling role he had ever had. Michael McMillian asked if it was more fulfilling than playing the drunken piano player in 'Our Town' in college, and Neal asked if it was more fulfilling than playing the father of a veteran who'd had his balls blown off! Zach was also outed as having played Mae West in college, something I can't decide if I want to see.

The panel was a lot of fun and Zach seemed much more relaxed than at previous cons and it was telling that he admitted that he loved the idea of Nerd HQ because he didn't have to set foot on the floor of the convention centre. The panel, questions and signings sent a lot of delighted fans off into San Diego and it was a great event which managed to balance Zach's fans and Archaia and BTDs needs, especially as fans who weren't able to attend were able to stream the conversation.

*Did we give you a ZQUK badge at the event? Drop us a line and let us know what you enjoyed!

Photos by Meaghan "Mabes" McBee

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